Vipassana Retreat @ Fara Sabina 2021

August 17 – 24 – 31 (7 or 14 days)

Directed by Henk Barendregt, Mirjam Hartkamp, and Antonino Raffone.

This form of meditation aims at paying attention to the inner processes that lead to our choices. With relaxed and friendly attention we will be better able to relinquish some of our unwholesome habits, enabling us to follow our creativity and genuine interests, while taking into account the (im)possibilities and the needs of others. This attention requires some training, as our choices are often taken in a fraction of a second, or in other cases over an extended period with unclear motivations. Once we can observe those processes, a wider form of freedom will result, enabling greater creativity, friendliness, and compassion. The meditation process aims at seeing through our illusions, eliminating the burden to have to defend these. To reach this insight it is important to accept all phenomena in body and mind.

Location At the Clarisse Monastero at Fara (in) Sabina (Italy), with breathtaking views, an intensive vipassana retreat a will be held from August 17, 2021, for 7 or 14 days (6 or 13 full days). Arrival between 15:00 and 19:00 only on Tuesday August 17 or on Tuesday August 24: those that arrive on August 17th stay either 7 days until August 24th or 14 days until August 31. Those arriving on August 24 stay 7 days until the end of the retreat, on August 31 at 13:00h.

Languages: English and Italian; interviews also in Dutch. Experience required (for example a vipassana introduction course or a weekend retreat).

Meditation style Mahasi Sayadaw: walking meditation and sitting meditation focussing on raising and falling of the abdomen, towards the increase of wholesome mind-states and the decrease and eventual eradication of unwholesome ones (sessions of 45min follow each other). One learns to deal with change in life in a peaceful manner. Theoretical background has been given in an introductory course at Sapienza University Roma. These have developed into practical instructions during (online) retreats. More information about the retreat in English or Italian to follow.

Prices 2021: These are 400E for 7 days, 700E for 14 days; sojourn in a single room with private bathroom and full pension.

Online registration here. Sending this form indicates intention to participate; after receiving acceptance you will get instructions how to pay. Payment instructions.

Travel: to be organized by the participant. Directions from Roma (and its two airports; from Fiumicino it is very easy) by public transport.

Review retreat 2013: Trouw 04.10.2014 (in Dutch).

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